Born. 1987

I am a location independent designer exploring the world

I am setting myself up to be a location independent designer and in doing so I do what I love doing. With over 7 years professional working history, I bring a broad range of experience into projects.

You can read more about how I came to be where I am and follow my journeys.

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Harder to reach / better to shoot

Give me a destination, a product or an event and let’s organize a shoot. I am also keen to take expeditions with fellow photographers. Let’s talk.

Purchase digital copies online.


Landscape Architecture

Collaboration is key

I have a degree in Landscape Architecture.

I am keen to collaborate on any architectural projects as a freelancer designer and relocate if the right offer comes along. Or, if you want to make a cross-displinary team for design competitions, I would love to hear from you.


Web Design

Allows me to work on the road

I am a front-end web designer and use UX design principles to bring your web project from the beginning to realisation. I work with WordPress templates and customise them to suit your needs.

Proficient in wordpress, HTML & CSS.


Graphic Design

Design is my passion

I am proficient with the adobe suite and have a keen eye for details.  Contact me for the following:

Company Branding
Icon Development
Office Stationary
Business Cards
Logo Design


Social Media

As a location independent designer more likes and followers on social media platforms leads to more exposure and more work and hence more travel.

If you appreciate my work could please take some time from your day to like and follow me on the following platforms.

I really appreciate it!


10 x thinker

I prefer to solve a problem for future generations, not just for tomorrow.


I used to play video games and walk to every corner of the map. I now do that in the real world.


I like to step out of my comfort zone. I have learnt there are no limitations to what can be achieved.


Don’t accept the answer for what it is, find out why it is.


The best ideas come when working together. Cross-disiplinary collaboration is where the magic happens.


I streamline processes to not have to do them twice. Then use that time to get ahead.















01Brief interpretation
Understand project requirements and developing an appropriate strategies
02Proposal Writing
Preparing successful proposals that demonstrates the companies ability to fullful the project needs
03Project Management
Overseeing projects ensuring fluidity and cost efficiency through high attentiveness and organisation
04Concept Design
Broad brush strokes to formulate concepts and narratives for unique design outcomes
05Design Design
Refining concepts into practical and achievable design solutions
06Construction Documentation
Proficiently documenting packages of works suitable for construction with relevant attention to detail
07Construction Management
Overseeing construction & realisation of projects through effective management and negotiating
08Office Streamlining
Developing office protocols, integrating technology and organising libraries to streamline workflow
09Marketing / Branding
Organising, designing and developing unique project packages to promote your companies story


 As a location independent designer I am looking for all types of brief work whether it be:

Graphic Design
Company Branding
Icon Development
Office Stationary
Business Cards
Logo Design

Web Design
Wire framing
UX Design

 I am happy to relocate if the right offer comes along.

As a freelance designer I can work from anywhere. I enjoy steady work and building long-lasting relationships with clients.

Even though I love the freedom of a location independent designer, I can also relocate if the job requires. This can be in a design office or an architectural office.

 I have photos for sale in my gallery or you can contact me directly to organise other methods.

On top of this I have work in the following Design Resource Hubs & Platforms:


Even if you don’t buy an item a simple ‘like’ goes a long way in the design industry.

 I can take photos of your product, an event or a location / destination.

Or if you have any other offer, let’s get talking.

I am always interested in meeting up with fellow freelancers / designers / entrepreneurs  & photographers.

If you want to start a new project, or organise a photography trip, I’m all ears.

I find the most innovative ideas come together through collaborative thinking and cross pollination of disciplines.

Let’s work together on our next design competition and see what we can come up with.

If you like my design portfolio, I would love to hear from you!

It is always nice to know that you are appreciated.

On top of that if you could visit the following pages and appreciate my work with ‘like’ it would greatly be appreciated.


The truth is it is a competitive world out there for designers and every appreciation goes a long way.

So I want to thank you in advance from the bottom of my heart.

Finally, if you feel like having a chat, I am all ears.

I generally like to talk about all things design, travel, adventure, camping and photography.

But, hey if you want to tell me what you had for dinner last night. Go for it.