Landscape Architecture / Augmented RealityCeloscape
ClientBuilding Trust International
CategoryLandscape Architecture

Augmented Reality
& Landscape Architecture

Project Summary

Celoscape is an exploration of augmented reality in the urban environment. The augmented reality concept developed through cross disciplinary collaboration.

The following is a re-design web version of landscape architecture design competition entry – ‘Celoscape’. The final boards and competition brief to the Building Trust International Design Competition are located at the bottom of the page.

Celoscape is a hidden world where participants can discover, play and explore exciting areas of their everyday world using the latest geocaching and augmented reality technology on their smartphones.

Project Information

Celoscape provides an opportunity for all smartphone users to turn any space into a place of play. Whether it is an underutilized alleyway, hidden rooftop or popular public space. Anyone can create, sociailize, connect and be active.

Celoscape allows the user to tap into the secret world of geocaching, social media, news & events and manipulate the hidden fabric that surrounds them through augmented reality.

The Hidden Landscape
The Area Of Interest
A Playing Surface
A New Game
A Game of Your Choice
Your High Score With Friends
With People Worldwide

Final Design Panels

Final Words

This project was undertaken as part of the Playscapes Design competition held by the BUILDING TRUST INTERNATIONAL 2014.

The augmented reality concept ‘Celoscape’ was developed in collaboration with 3D artist and landscape architect, Tom Reynolds.

The submission was awarded ‘runners-up’ and an honourable mention.

Since the completion of the augmented reality project, further investigation is being undertaken into the logistics and requirements for making this a reality.

The augmented reality game Pokemon-Go is the closest resemblance to Celoscape. With the team at Facebook and google working on the project it was sure to hit the streets first.

If you are interested in discussing our augmented reality project further, please contact me.

The original competition brief can be downloaded here.