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Project Summary

Packaging Design & Beer Branding


Packaging Design Illustration

The brief for the Beer Branding Packaging Design called for colourful illustrations that looked consistent but still had their own character. Each beer label design needed a different character to represent the six types of craft beer flavours.

The six beer labels are – IPA, Pilsner, European Lager, Cream Ale, Honey Ale and  Brown Ale.

The Process

 The Hand-Drawn Illustration Process

The packaging design for the beer labels were developed through a collaborative design process between myself and Colombian Illustrator Oh Carola.

The beer labels were hand-drawn by illustrator Oh Carola using markers, trace and plain white paper. Each beer label features it’s very own character and are all united in through the same illustration style.

The beer label illustrations were scanned and vectorised using adobe illustrator. Additional vector elements were added to ensure the packaging design for the beer labels looked consistant and that the beer label surface was evenly covered with illustrations.

After, the black and white beer label illustrations were showed on a beer can mockup (link here). This ensured the illustrations suited the context of the beer cans. Additional adjustments were made to the scale of the illustrations to further ensure consistency in design.

Colourful Beer Branding

The beer branding brief called for a colourful packaging design. Colours were added to the beer labels and homogenised with rounds of changes. This ensured that the beer labels looked great individually and the packaging design as a whole looked consistent.

Finally the colourful beer labels were displayed again and further refined on the photoshop beer can mockup. Background colours were chosen to match each individual beer label to further demonstrate the personality of the six craft beer flavours.

Final Words

This project was a collaborative effort between Oh Carola and Anton Malishev. If you are interested in working together please contact me or alternately you can  commission Oh Carola below.

Hire an Illustrator

If you are interested in hiring an illustrator to help with your business branding, please contact Oh Carola.