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Freelance Logo Design

This is a graphic design portfolio of my freelance logo design work for 2016.

Logo Design and Branding is one of the most important ways to make your business stand out from the crowd.

What is brand identity you ask?

In short – Everything.

Everything makes up your brand identity. The logo, fonts, colours, brand voice, brand message, packaging, business cards, web design, employees, products, letterheads, and the list goes on.

Logo design is only a small part of it.

Good Branding creates recognition, trust, long-term identity, inspires employees, generates internal vision and most importantly creates long-term-success.

As a location independent designer I have worked with a lot of small businesses and guided them through the branding process. I can work with you to develop a brand identity for your business, something that makes the clientele recognise your brand through clever design.

The following freelance logo design portfolio has been prepared for various clients based through commission work or by design competitions:

Final Words

Please get in contact with me if you need some freelance logo design work. If you are starting a business or are looking to re-define your business image, it is important to have a memorable logo and brand identity.

I can help guide you through the branding process. Let’s start with some freelance logo design and I can help develop a branding schedule.

Contact me and I can show you how.

 As a freelance designer I am looking for all types of brief work whether it be:

Graphic Design
Company Branding
Icon Development
Office Stationary
Business Cards
Logo Design

Web Design
Wire framing
UX Design

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