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Geometric Landscapes

Project Summary

Geometric Landscapes is a series of landscapes overlaid with geometric shapes. The landscape photos used are from my landscape photography portfolio of my travels through South America.

The geometric landscapes make for great art prints.

Final Words

Please like and share my work as it is highly appreciated. You can also find this series in my bechance portfolio – Geometric Landscapes

If you would like to work together, please get in contact with me through the contact form below.

I am interested in teaming up with other graphic designers and artists to develop new projects such as ‘geometric landscapes’. Cross disciplinary teams are a great way to push the boundaries and create new art.

 As a freelance designer I am looking for all types of brief work whether it be:

Graphic Design
Company Branding
Icon Development
Office Stationary
Business Cards
Logo Design

Web Design
Wire framing
UX Design

 I am happy to relocate if the right offer comes along.

As a freelance designer I can work from anywhere. I enjoy steady work and building long-lasting relationships with clients.

I can also relocate if the job requires, whether it be in a design office or an architectural office.

 I have photos for sale in my gallery or you can contact me directly to organise other methods.

On top of this I have work in the following Design Resource Hubs & Platforms:


Even if you don’t buy an item a simple ‘like’ goes a long way in the design industry.

 I can take photos of your product, an event or a location / destination.

Or if you have any other offer, let’s get talking.

I am always interested in meeting up with fellow freelancers / photographers and exploring the outdoors.

If you want to organise a photography trip, or start a new design project, I’m all ears.