Graphic Design / Design Competition / Photoshop PhotomontageThe Storm – Adobe Take Ten Contest
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Project Summary
Adobe Take Ten Photoshop Photomontage Challenge
‘The Storm’

This take ten challenge was inspired by Ankur Patar and how he re-created Rembrandt’s The Storm on the Sea of Galilee using hundreds of Adobe Stock photos in a Photoshop Photomontage.

This is my interpretation of the ‘The Storm’ using the ten adobe stock images.
The Artwork
The Ten Images
The Equipment

The final Photoshop Photomontage scene is my interpretation of what the words ‘the storm’ evokes for me. The photoshop artwork was created using a Wacom Pen and Touch and a Macbook Pro.

The Technique

The photoshop techniques used include:

layer masks
hue/saturation adjustments
level adjustments
curves adjustments
polar coordinates
lens flare

Final Words

The Adobe Take Ten Challenge is a fantastic way to explore your creativity and learn new skills. Creating this Photoshop Photomontage from ten images is challenging but a great way to hone photoshop skills. I would encourage more people to participate as well as more competitions like this.