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Project Summary

The Travel Blog ‘Mum We Are Fine’ provides stories, advice and logistics to other travellers through South and Central America.

The Travel Blog Web Design Project aims to give advice to other travellers about South America. Quite often when travelling, you find information in guide books, you visit them and you meet everyone else at the same destination who had the same guide book. It’s the stories you hear from other travellers that lead you to the hidden gems in another country.

The premise is to ‘pay it forward’, thus any hard to reach destination that doesn’t have any online information can be written about and posted on Mum We Are Fine to advise others.

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Final Words

The Mum We Are Fine Travel Blog Web Design Project began as a means of learning web design and has been my ‘long-term-project’ to keep learning as I travel.

It is a web design project designed to practice and promote my landscape photography, give purpose to a nomadic lifestyle and was the initial stepping stone to becoming a location independent designer.

The first site was built and maintained with html and the current site is built using wordpress for faster and more frequent blog updates.

Business cards were printed at Social Print Studio.

If you are interested discussing the travel blog web design project with me, please contact me. I am happy to help with any advice starting a travel blog web design project.

You can also visit my landscape photography gallery to find inspirational places within South America.

Alternatively, if you are passing through Medellín, Colombia you an come say hi in person.