Velvet Cafe BrandingCoffee Bag Packaging Design
ClientVelvet Cafe
Project Summary

Coffee Bag Packaging Design & Cafe Branding

Coffee Bag Packaging Design

The primary goal of the Coffee Bag Packaging Design was to reflect the high-end service as well as further enhance the brand identity. For this, inspiration was drawn from the acrylic tile pattern used in both cafes in Medellín and Brussels. The tiles were photographed and vectorised to form the base of the pattern, then laid out with the required information. A sticker was chosen to display the information on the back due to the transient nature and ever changing coffee origins.

The Coffee Bag Packaging Design uses a high quality rotogravure printing method to ensure quality and detail. The coffee bags have been printed on matte white plastic with a paper texture. This ensures the product is properly preserved and is better for the environment. By using a white plastic bag the colours will be 100% accurate and the paper texture gives it that human touch.

The Client

Velvet Cafe

Velvet Cafe is one of the top cafes in Medellín, Colombia, with a second cafe, of equal exceptional quality in Brussels, Belgium. They know coffee and deliver perfectly prepared cups with exceptional service. The brand identity and cafe experience is exceptional / high class.

Velvet Cafe roasts their own coffee, sourcing different organic beans directly within Colombia. The client requested a new coffee bag packaging design that better represented their brand and high-end coffee experience. The new coffee bag designs are to be used in both Cafes in Medellín and Brussels.

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